Vehicles: 10 Mistakes that Most People Make

Save Your Money, How Not to Spend a Fortune on Your Car

That right there is a very expensive statement. Three thousand five hundred bucks used in repairs, that’s enough reason to have a fit. What’s worse is the fact that the money in question can purchase a newer model or even a second hand car. The car may have a lot of significance to you making it almost understandable to want to spend that much money on it. There are only two victims of this love affair you and your money. Seeing that a car no matter how functional is still a depreciating asset you might want to extend it’s life by doing some maintenance on it. As much as you love your mechanic you might not want to spend a fortune on them on second thought maybe you just do.

Picture a scenario of yourself in pants without a belt or with one that’s really loose. If you had none that may be the day you broke a record for the worst embarrassing moment’s if your pants decided to come off. It’s the same for your car , the serpentine belts need to be replaced. It’s the reason why your alternator, air conditioner and power pumps are working in the first place. If they are in perfectly condition that’s how you want them to remain. What’s more is that you can have a serpentine belt replaced without breaking the bank. The thing about serpentine belts is that they only need re-visiting after sixty to one hundred thousand miles. Any time after that replace it before you have to be churning out cash to do repairs all the while without enjoying your car’s service.

On to spark plugs, you might want to take them seriously. They determine whether or not you go from one place to another with your car. They are the powerhouse of your engine pistons and determine the efficiency by which your fuel will be used. You have bigger problems to worry about in the case of spark plugs with misfiring engines and poor gas mileage than you do with a serpentine belt failure. It’s that simple with them you take care of them and they do the same for your engine performance. If your current spark plugs have done a maximum of thirty thousand miles you may want to let go. If you love DIY projects then Tool Nerds can guide you on how to go about this one.

Everyone has enemies well, so do cars. Just because they happen to be debris and dirt doesn’t mean they’ll go easy on your engine cylinders and pistons. There’s no saving your money on this one once they are in your engine. Your engine could use a knight in shining armor by name of air filters.

It takes care of both harmful emissions and filtering of dirt and debris. You are going nowhere with your car if the transmission fluid isn’t replaced. Sixty thousand miles should be where you decide to have your transmission fluid replaced. There are definitely commensurate benefits for all your replacing efforts. A two hundred thousand mile life for your car and less expenses might just be a good motivation, don’t you think