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If a person refuses care

Care and treatment efforts should be carried out as far as possible on a voluntary basis, but in particularly serious cases, society has an obligation to intervene in order for a person with substance abuse problems to receive care. Read about the Drug Abuse Acthere. If you are worried about a relative, you can inform the social service in your municipality. Then they start an investigation. For the withdrawals from opioids opiates you can have the proper support now. You need to be properly working to make sure that proper steps are taken on this as it is then that you will be able to understand that you are working perfectly now.

People with alcohol dependence may have a combination of drug treatment and psychosocial treatment.

The treatment goals are individual and must be based on the person’s own motivation. They can change during treatment and can be about reducing consumption, achieving alcohol-free days, total alcohol-free or reducing the risk of relapse. The goals can also be about support measures for the individual to go back to work or get a living.

In the first place, the treatment aims at limiting alcohol consumption and, secondly, to an increased mental and social functioning level.

Withdrawal treatment

People with alcohol dependency may have withdrawal symptoms when they stop drinking. They may have symptoms like sweating, anxiety and cramps. The symptoms are usually harmless but can develop into serious or life-threatening conditions. To cancel these symptoms, you can initiate a withdrawal treatment.

Abstinence treatment primarily aims at preventing seizures, delirium tremens and deaths. However, treatment should also reduce the patient’s unspecific withdrawal symptoms as high heart rate and concern.

Acute alcohol burns after a prolonged alcohol intake turns off in five to seven days. During these days, the patient needs daily contact with the care so that you can follow the withdrawal process and provide the necessary psychological treatment and drug treatment.

Treatment at delirium tremens

Delirium tremens is a condition that implies high mortality if you do not enter treatment. Because the condition is life threatening, treatment needs to be given in the form of intensive care in hospitals.

Reclaimed: The person consumes again. On this, we would like to clarify that the fact that it is included in the process of change does not mean that it must happen, and in the event that it takes place, the opportunity is used to reevaluate and analyze the facts, both on the part of the patient as well as by his psychotherapist.